Things I Should Like But Don’t: Part 3

One thing I’ve always found fascinating is what people like and dislike.  What makes someone like one thing and dislike another?  And why do I often feel like I should like something (based on the other stuff I like) but find that I just don’t?

This feeling is what sparked the idea to create a series of posts I like to call “Things I Should Like But Don’t.”  If you missed the first two posts in this series, you can find them here and here.

Today’s post focuses on a band most people are surprised to learn I dislike.  That band is The Postal Service.

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Death Cab for Cutie is one of my favorite bands … And I still hate The Postal Service.

I want to like them, but their style just grates on my nerves.  I mean, the song “Such Great Heights” is great lyrically.  But, to be honest, I much prefer the Iron & Wine version.

I’m not the type of person who expects side projects to sound just like someone’s “main” body of work.  I genuinely think some people can produce incredibly diverse and amazing music by branching out a bit and trying something completely different (Dallas Green of Alexisonfire/City and Colour and James Mercer of The Shins/Broken Bells immediately come to mind, but I’m sure I could think of more).

I also actually like some “electronic”  and/or “experimental” music.  But there’s something about the “electropop” sound of The Postal Service that’s just completely obnoxious to me.

In summary:

Ben Gibbard + Death Cab = Phenomenal

Ben Gibbard + The Postal Service = Thank God this was only a side project


2 thoughts on “Things I Should Like But Don’t: Part 3

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